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Author Archives: DesignPax

10 CPM Ad Networks for Small Advertisers

We’ve talked a lot about banner ad CPA networks for small advertisers and by now you should have a pretty good feel for these types of networks. So, today, let’s talk about CPM networks for
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10 CPA Networks You Should Check Out

Today, let’s recap a few things that we have learned about banner ads and online banner advertising. So far, we have discussed banner ad statics that you should know no matter what ad network you
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10 Banner Ad Design Tips

When you want to run a successful web banner advertising campaign, you must create a good banner ad. The one true thing that will make your advertising banner stand out more than any of the other
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5 Most Popular Banner Ad Sizes

When it comes to banner ads, size definitely matters. Not only do you need to base your ad size on what will get the most click throughs, but also on what web sites are willing to work with. Most
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5 Design Tips for Flash Banners Ads

Last week we discussed what flash banner ads are and how they can help your online banner advertising campaign. However, in order to have a successful banner ad campaign that incorporates custom
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Five Design Tips for Animated Banner Ads

Creating a great animated banner ad takes even more time and work than creating a static advertising banner. The reason being is that animated banner ads rotate frames and each frame needs to be
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