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Ad Networks for Small Advertisers

With hundreds of ad networks available and more popping up every day the task of selecting a network to work with can be a little overwhelming. By now you should have a clear understanding of what to look for when you are a small advertiser and you are looking for an ad network. As a small to medium sized advertiser, here are a few ad networks you might want to consider looking at:


LinkShare will work with you to determine your target audience and look for corresponding web sites to place your banner ads on. They will closely monitor your banner ad campaign and will only charge you for quality leads.


At Adfish, they only charge you based on a CPA rate and each of their team members are trained in a unique industry. This way they can help you utilize your web banner advertising to a more specific audience.


ClixGalore is an excellent option for small to medium advertisers. With ClixGalore, you can actually control how much you spend towards your advertising banner campaign. They offer five different levels of promotion for you to choose from based on your budget. Additionally, you can choose to take part in their Instant Traffic Pool program which is a CPC rate. Even better, they have a wide range of clients, many of which have given great feedback.

Commission Junction

At Commission Junction, they offer two separate package deals, one for large advertisers and one for small advertisers. For small to medium advertisers, their package is called CJ Access. This is a great program because you pay at a CPA rate for your advertising banners, you have access to their huge network of publishers, they have exceptional reporting tools and they offer direct client support services.

Hydra Network

Hydra Network is another great ad network for small and medium advertisers. At Hydra Network, you are charged on a CPA rate and you define the action whether it is a new customer, a new lead or an actual transaction. At Hydra Network you can also specify what channels you want to place your banner ad on and you can set spending limits.

Jane Stone heads marketing for an online banner design service. Jane is an online marketing expert and has consulted multiple small businesses on building effective internet campaigns.

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