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Monthly Archives: October 2012

What you Should Know When Choosing a WordPress Theme

Wordpress themes are offered in abundance for people looking to create a unique blog they can post news about their industry, business, or just their personal life. Themes are essentially just
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Restaurant Facebook Covers – The Essentials

The cover photo of a Facebook profile fan page is a company’s big shot to get people interested in liking their page. Cover photos are the perfect online branding tool – and since eating is such
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Redesigning your Website for a Special Occasion

As the holiday season approaches, you’re likely to come across websites featuring little snowmen and twinkle lights. These additions to websites which usually loo the same can be fun and festive.
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Icons for Children – What Works?

If your customer base includes children, it is important icons are designed specifically for them. Not only will this add to the overall child-oriented look and feel of your website, but it will
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Can Funny Landing Pages be Taken Seriously?

If you are looking for a way to take a landing page from boring to scoring, humor can seem appealing. This kind of traction is appealing to anyone with a website – but can a funny landing page be
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Where do you Learn to be a Web Designer?

The field of web design is growing and many artsy people are looking for a way to break in. Here are some ways to get started in web design.
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