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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Spice it Up: Making Your Facebook Fan Page Interactive

The whole point of a Facebook fan page for your business is to be interactive with your audience on their level. To do this, just signing up for a Facebook fan page and leaving it at that just
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How to Market Your Business Through Your Facebook Fan Page

With close to 600 million people using Facebook and more joining everyday, it’s a ready made marketing tool that is FREE and easy for you to use to market your business. To make your business
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How to Get Fans for Your Facebook Fan Page

You’ve set up your Facebook fan page, now how do you get fans or people to “Like” your page? With the average Facebook user connecting with 80 community pages, groups and events you want to be
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Design Elements of Facebook Fan Pages

Facebook for business is a popular and effective way to promote and brand your business. A well designed Facebook page will not only generate you tons of fans, but it can also help you direct
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Design Elements of a WordPress Theme

WordPress is a great tool to help companies reach a large targeted audience. It is completely customizable and can be designed to match your company’s exact look, feel and branding needs, and it
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