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Monthly Archives: December 2010

WordPress Themes Explained

WordPress is an excellent tool that many small businesses and individuals are using to reach their target audiences. So, what exactly is WordPress and what can you do with it? WordPress is a
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Promoting Your Business with a Facebook Page

Anyone can set up a Facebook page. Simply go to the Create a Page ( section on Facebook to get started. Initially your page won’t look like much - it’s
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Icon Design: The Basics

Icons are nifty little designs that add flavor to your web pages while helping to direct users to different areas of interest. While most websites don’t require a ton of icons, they do usually
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Amp up Your Twitter Persona with a Custom Twitter Background!

Social media is quickly becoming one of the fastest and most effective ways to get in touch with your targeted audience and get your message across. Better yet, it’s FREE! That being said, some
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