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10 CPM Ad Networks for Small Advertisers

We’ve talked a lot about banner ad CPA networks for small advertisers and by now you should have a pretty good feel for these types of networks. So, today, let’s talk about CPM networks for advertising banners. CPM networks work a little differently than CPA networks and should therefore be used differently. While a CPA network charges you for your banner ad based on an action someone takes on your ad, a CPM network could care less what actions are taken on your advertising banner. They charge you based on every 1,000 page views the web site that your custom banner is placed on receives.

As I said, a CPM network is used a little differently than a CPA network. When you decide to use a CPM network, you want to get your online banner advertising in front of the masses, or okay, at least a couple thousand viewers regardless if they click on your banner ad or not. Of course, the goal is always to have a potential customer click on your advertising banner, go to your web site and take a desired action. However, with a CPM network you are also looking to brand your company to a higher volume of people and you are looking to generate more page views, rather than just actions.

  1. ValueClick Media
  2. AdPepper
  3. Banner Connect
  4. CPX Interactive
  5. Tribal Fusion
  6. 24/7 Media
  7. Right Media
  8. DoubleClick
  9. CasaleMedia

10. Burst Media

As with CPA networks, these 10 networks are just suggestions of networks to help you get started placing your banner ad advertising with CPM networks. Different companies have different experiences with CPM networks, so you really should do some research before you make any decisions. Once you have a few to try, I suggest that you monitor your statistics and make sure you are getting the best banner ad results for your money. If not, move on and try some other CPM networks. You may even find that a mix of CPM and CPA networks will ultimately work the best for you.

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