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10 CPA Networks You Should Check Out

Today, let’s recap a few things that we have learned about banner ads and online banner advertising. So far, we have discussed banner ad statics that you should know no matter what ad network you are working with, we have given you ideas about where to place your advertising banners, we have told you what you should look for in ad networks for your banner ads and we have even given you a few ad networks and banner exchange programs to get started in.

By now you should have a pretty good feel for banner ad advertising networks. So now it’s time to give you what we deem as the prime CPA networks that you should check out if you haven’t already. In no particular order, here is what is hot right now in the world of CPA networks:

  1. Commission Junction
  2. Never Blue Ads
  3. LinkShare
  4. AzoogleAds
  5. Adfish
  6. ClixGalore
  7. AffiliateFuture
  8. Hydra Network
  9. PepperJam

10. ClickBooth

Now for a few words to the wise – these are just suggestions. As a banner ad advertiser, you can really only figure out what works for you and your banner ad through trial and error. Yes, we can make suggestions, but you should probably try several ad networks, gather your statistics, monitor them for a few days or weeks and see which performs best for you and your advertising banner. What works for one advertiser might not work for you, this is a unique business and you really need to do your research, but also get out there and try some things.

In addition to this list, it should go without saying that as an advertiser, you should look at Google Adsense to determine if it is worth trying. Some people have great success and others find it very hard to get the support they need. Like all the other ad networks out there, you won’t know if Google works for your advertising banner campaign until you try it.

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